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My favorite pic of 2014……..Music Video Monday #5

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I sure wish I could of got these fellas on more fish than I did. That was Tim’s first boated fish in three days and look how pumped he was. These guys brought down a terrific attitude and it’s no surprise that they are winners in the game of life. I can only hope to get the opportunity again to take these gents back out on Falcon when she is a little less temperamental. We didn’t have a single bite for 6 and half hours of fishing today. Then Falcon decided to throw us a bone….finally. We ended the day with roughly 10 bites and 4 boated fish all of which came off the spinnerbait and included Jim’s USDA choice Falcon Lake Walrus.





Here is a pretty cool group photo with Jim’s walrus…..we were all pretty stoked.







Music Video Monday #5 (Christian said he was a big Taylor Swift fan……don’t worry Christian your secret is safe with me!!)