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Was great to be back on the water and the fishing certainly did not disappoint either. Well, the first two hours at least. I moved around quite a bit today for the 4 hours that I was on the water. I got on the fish really good early and often. I boated 15 fish in the first 2 hours and that included several 3 to 4 pounders with two 6 lbers being the biggest. I don’t know what happened, but around 10 ish the bite stopped and I do mean stopped at least for me that is. I don’t know whether the whole lake turned off or the areas I was in weren’t active…..don’t know, but the fun I had the first two hours dis a freakin ppeared. Serves me right for all the bragging I was doing on Facebook.


I have a trip on the books for Sunday……Joe is coming back and bringing a friend with him this time. Looking forward to the write up Sunday and hopefully some nice pictures as well. See ya then!



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