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My Boyzzzzz from Illinoiszzzz

What a wild ride July has been. We started the month with a couple of guided trips on Falcon that saw Elmo catch a fish on every single cast.


Quawn followed that trip with a new personal best of his own that hit the 8 pound mark.


54 hours round trip to PA and back with a weeks worth of guiding on Lake Erie mixed in for good measure.

IMG_4741[1] IMG_4742[1] IMG_4757[1]

IMG_4788[1] IMG_4761[1] IMG_4773[1]

A couple of days of rest and I was back on the move to Peoria, Illinois and speaking of wild ride……lol.


Anytime these fellas are in involved it can and will get a lil silly. I am proud of myself to be honest. I hung with these rockstars for 4 days and I am pretty sure I’m going home with the same number of underdrawers that I arrived in Peoria with.


Oh and speaking of winning.


Doc and I dropped the atomic elbow on the little Eastern Illinois casino boat. We emptied the tables tray of money not once, but twice.


I also had the privilege of playing the most difficult golf course in the country….not once, but twice. After losing 16 pro v 1’s day one, I pulled driver out a grand total of zero times day two. I’m telling you I could (and did) stand in the middle of the fairway and piss on the out of bounds in both directions. What did I shoot? Luckily it was a scramble…..otherwise 130 would not have been out of the question. The last course we golfed at was a spitting image of Union City Public Golf Course where I grew up playing. Vaughn was on fire…..and I wasn’t complaining much as he was my partner. Check out this three of a kind.


Between all of the golf we managed to catch a bass or two (I know shocker)


and we ate like kings.


It was great seeing everyone again and meeting Kim and Maddie for the first time. (Vaughn’s wife and Doc’s daughter……a red headed Madison like mine….Pretty cool). I posted a couple funny videos and some pics on Facebook. Check em out if you get a spare moment.

I am back home with my girlies and ready to hit Falcon hard over the coming months…..


blessed?, fortunate?, lucky?, greatful?

The correct answer would be E. All of the above

Love ya fans and as always, thanks for reading. See ya down here in paradise soon.




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