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My boy Max has a seizure…..

By March 23, 2013No Comments

……today was a top 5 scariest moments of my life.  When I got back home from watching the Elite Series I kicked back and went to to check the coverage for the day.  My wife and kids were putting away groceries.  Max (my 3 year old black lab) was laying behind the couch like he always does.  He started going bazerk… wife is yelling that he is choking and my kids are screaming and crying.  I lift this 100 lb lab up and give him the heimlich 4 or 5 times before my back literally gave out.  My mom comes walking in from the guest house to see mad chaos.  Once my back gave way all I could do is watch him fight for air.  The entire time I thought he was choking, but it was a seizure…..the first seizure I have ever witnessed.  I did a lot of googling tonight and he had all the symptoms…..not being able to open is mouth, urinating and pooping, and muscles spasming.  He is not anywhere close to 100% right now, but since coming back from the Steak House he recognizes his name again.  He also pooped again all over the house and is very unstable.  I am very thankful he is still alive at the moment.  The same cannot be said for a wonderful dog that my kids loved to play with every time they went over to see Tommy and Sheretta Law.  Sheretta and Tommy told me the news tonight at the Steak House.  Man I can’t describe how bad I feel for the two of them.


People, go tell a loved one that you love em……I still have not stopped hugging and kissing my kids after that wild ordeal.  I know a dog is not the same as a human child, I get it.  I am not ashamed to say I love my boy Max a GREAT deal and so do my wife and kids.  It will be a while until I can shake this.


Here are a couple of videos about dog seizures….take a second to watch it.  I wish I had seen these videos prior to today.  When I was performing the heimlich Max’s head kept hitting the ground because I couldn’t keep him up.  That is not what you want to do to a dog that is having a seizure.  Again we thought he was choking.  To the vids.




I am not in the right frame of mind to talk fishing tonight.  Here is a pic of my boy from last week.