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Falcon Report

Music Video Monday #4……..9.13 pounds and………

By January 27, 2014February 6th, 2014No Comments

………Danny and I are demoralized. I will get to that here in a minute. We hung the fish below with hopes of 10 flashing up on the screen, but no. I know, I know don’t be bummed out over a 9 lber.

Here she is……what a straight up gorgeous fish.




Well let’s just skip to the demoralized part of the report. The above was just a mild bummer that it didn’t hit 10 pounds. Danny, a few casts later, hooked the biggest fish of his life and no he didn’t get her in. Check out the text I got from him as he was on his way home to San Antonio…….




Trust me when I tell ya I feel worse…….Danny is a hell of a stick (not much of a net man….lol) and lives to fish and fish Falcon Lake. I have never come so close to diving in the water for a fish. She got him wrapped up six ways from Sunday in the top of a tree at the end of an EPIC fight. There she was on her side 10 ft from the boat. She made one last lunge and freed herself from the crank. If ever I needed Dr. Phil on my boat today was the day. Another trip in the books for Danny and another trip he won’t soon forget. Every time he books up a trip I fully expect magic and this last two day trip was no different……… Just didn’t have the story book ending.




Music Video Monday #4

Bob Marley’s Don’t Worry be Happy


M13Dr. Phil