Mr. Photoshop round 2

Today was an awesome day to be on falcon lake. Quality fish, A+++++++ weather, and a great client make for as about as an enjoyable day as one could ask for. Several times today it felt like the fishing was gonna get silly good, but then it would cool off. We fished nearly every deep rock in the lake from 10-25 ft. We had a much stronger deep diving crankbait bite today, still the 3/4 oz ball n chain was the champ. Brian caught several very nice fish including an 8 and a half that didn’t get photographed. I literally, once again today, had to nearly squirt tears to get him to take a pic with a fish at the end of the day. Lol…. Grrrrrr. Thanks again for the opportunity Brian!

Total fish: 27
Best 5: 34 and change
Kicker: 8 and half… Not pictured, grrrrr


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