Mr. Photoshop part 3

Well today was my last day with Brian and nothing went our way today, let’s just be honest. Brian set a record for snags and lost Ball n Chains. lol I felt awful, but it was just one of those days for us. I caught the kicker again….grrrrrrr. A very nice and CHUNKY 8 lber. Was not the typical looooooooong and skinny Falcon fish, but a straight up tank. I did catch a loooooong and skinny 7 lber though. Was really cool how I caught her. Brian said “hey man look behind you.” I look and there is a loooooooong skinny bass cruising along about an inch below the water. I threw my 6xd right in front of her and cranked it down and the fish dove after it and ate it. Pretty neat. Brian again thanks for the opportunity. Billy from came over tonight and convinced me to fish the Budlight tourney with him tomorrow and I am glad he did. I don’t get to fish with him as much as I would like. He is a wonderful friend, sponsor, and a dang good stick here on Falcon. Should be fun.

Total fish: 15
Best five: about 27 lbs
Kicker: my 8 lb’er

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