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Falcon Report

Mr. Ed, clouds, cowbell, and 100+ bass

By July 13, 2012No Comments

I have been thinking of how to describe todays falcon lake guide trip. Casey caught 53 bass today and lost three walruses and i do mean walruses. Chris caught over 30 and Wes caught around 25. Me? 0…… Lol. I sat back and ran the net and trolling motor. I told em to throw in the middle of the trees and bushes when we met in the morning. They listened well and as you can see in some of the pics a lil too well. These guys reminded me of old high school buddies….. humor was not on short order. Most of the humor would not be considered G rated either. (see cloud pic….lol). Ya certainly had to watch the doves around Casey. We started shallow and stayed shallow for the most part. The hot lure today was the watermelon green orange brush hog. I have these gentlemen again tomorrow and we will show them a different look and give the crank a heck of a work out and Casey that’s short for crankbait.

Total fish: silly
Best 5: about 34 lbs
Kicker: 7-11