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Mother Nature 2019 or mid 80’s Mike Tyson?

Geesh……..I would rather take the Tyson upper cut personally. Good grief….I have had to cancel 8 days since we last talked. One day the South wind is Blowing 40 and the next the North is blowing 25. In my line of work this stuff happens though. I really feel for my clients/friends that look forward to coming down here and hunting these Falcon Lake Walruses and I sure do hate having to tell them news they don’t want to hear. This year has been the very worst year I have had from a weather/cancellation perspective without question. When we have been able to get on the water the fishing remains tough. We are battling some post spawn blues along with Mother Nature punching us in the mouth. Here a few pics of fish that are very common right now.

img_5892.jpg img_5896.jpg

img_5893.jpg img_5890.jpg

img_5891.jpg img_5931.jpg

img_5924.jpg img_5925.jpg


The good news is we are catching a lot of quality 3 to 5 lb fish and not a lot of dinks whatsoever…..and every now and again magic will still happen along the border. Just ask my man Randy who boated this near miss MEGA Walrus that went 9.21 lbs.



The fishing will improve folks… me on that. The shad spawn is imminent as we are starting to see these beautiful specimens everywhere.



The offshore bite is coming along, but certainly not at the rate of speed I would like to see, but we are geared up and ready for it.



Zapata County Fair has come and gone…….and I have taken that pic below every year. Time flies



I had a big response to the “incidents” on Falcon Lake that have been blasted all over social media. I also copied several negative quotes from posting forums about South Texas and Zapata. I have opted to keep my comments and thoughts off the internet. I will say this and I have said many many many many times over, both verbally and in print. You could give me a briefcase with a million dollars cash in it and tell me I had to move from Zapata, TX. I would tell you to take that briefcase and shove it where the sun don’t shine. That sentiment has nothing to do with the fishing either and has everything to do with my neighbors, friends, the workers at the grocery store, post office, pizza hut, subway, steak house, Stripes gas station, the motels and hotels and the beautiful ladies at the Dollar General who always greet my girlies and I with a wonderful smile and great conversation. This small town has treated my family better than anyone deserves and I love it with every fiber of my being.





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