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Monty Big Bass and the Holy Crank

By August 30, 2013August 31st, 2013No Comments



I picture is worth a thousand words for sure…….what a beast. I will let Monty tell his buddies back home how much it weighed without me spilling the beans here. We caught another straight up monster today as well.




I admit that I screwed up not hanging this one on the scales. I would love to know the weight. I am not going to even guess. Today was an incredibly fun day with Zoran, Louis, and Monty. We caught the heck out of the fish and man did we have some nice fish that found their way to the scales. Did we have our slow moments that felt like years? lol…..sure. Like my man Zoran said a few times today….”this is boring”. I certainly didn’t argue.




Zoran did catch his fair share of fish today though and for an 8 year old he hung in there like a champ. My girlies would not of made it through our first dry spell and they would of hitchhiked on a Mexican netter’s boat if it came down to it….lol. The lures today ranged anywhere from spinnerbaits, DD 14’s, Deep lil N’s, 6xds, 5xds, Series 5 and 4’s, Bomber DD squarebills in Foxy and Citrus, Trigged mag flukes, and crigged reg. flukes in watermelon shades. As you can see we caught em today on what can be considered a “variety” of baits and depths. lol. I am really looking forward to day two with these fine fellas.