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Falcon Report

Mom I am trying…….

By February 18, 2013No Comments

Think positive thoughts…..think positive thoughts……




Chapter 1

Falcon Lake SUCKS!!!!!!!!


Crap………had a relapse, Sorry Mom.


We caught 5 fish today, with Dustin’s 7 lb 2 oz beauty being our kicker. Folks don’t ask me why anymore……I am truly out of excuses and I have used them all. You know what I think of excuses too. Today? Today was a spectacular day weather wise. I have Dustin and two of his other friends tomorrow. We are going to wear the blades out of our spinnerbait collections. I promise we will not be deeper than 10 foot of water and will be North of Marker 7 the entire day. Heck I may even run up into the back of the Veleno, I have heard a rumor.









Feeling better already.