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Mom and Dad do South Texas 2017 Edition

Before I get to the family portion of the report I had the opportunity to take the dynamic duo of Kendra and Ryan South of the Border. Talk about salt of the earth folks……we spent 2 days on Sugar and the fish catching was pretty good, but as is the norm of late the big bite was awful tough for us to get. Here are a few pics from our trip.

img_2459.jpg img_2457.jpg



Thanks again you two and as always I appreciate the friendship and your continued support of Highstakesbassin……hope to see ya’ll again soon.





What an incredible 10 days with my folks. We laughed, we cried, laughed, cried some more and just tried to stop time, but it didn’t work. They are safely back in Pennsylvania and I am counting down the days until I see them again in August. I hate wishing time away, but I can’t wait to see em again……which is a common theme over the last nearly 17 years that I moved away from my home town. I moved 535 miles away to take a full time teaching job and then moved 1200 more miles away to pursue my guiding career. My folks have been with me every single mile, yard, foot and inch. My Dad turned 69 this trip and we had two wonderful parties for him. The first party was at Sugar Lake on his birthday. (May 25th)




Here are a few pics from our party back in Texas the day after his birthday.



Having my Sugar Lake family and my Falcon family help celebrate my Dad’s birthday sure was special. Thanks to all those that made it happen.

Mom did not get to go on a Walrus hunt this trip, but she sure did have a great time with the Girlies…….here are a few pics.


img_2551.jpg img_2550.jpg



Dad and I did do some fishing when he was here and we had a damn good time too. Was it a walrus whackfest like last year? Absolutely not……it was a micro and Jr. Walrus fest.

img_2503.jpg img_2502.jpg


Here’s a pic of Pops protesting an early start time.


…..and here’s a look at the current launching conditions at Sugar Lake.



And that’s no joke folks……bring your Tonka Truck down if you plan on bringing your own rig and gooooood luck. Bring a tow strap too.

Remember the selfie pic we took last May? Here it is….



Man words can’t describe how much I love that pic…….but the next pic means just a little bit more to me.



Why?…….to say the 12 months between those two selfies was difficult and painful would be quite the understatement. So happy to get into a boat and do what I love.


Back to work manana…… this guy in town.



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