I looked at the wind forecast last night and put a solid plan of attack together. Then at 8:30 this morning the wind picked up to the point I could not hold my main lake area that I have been working. Soooooo it was off to flip hardwoods with hopes of it laying like it did yesterday and guess what? It did. I burnt the most gas today that I think I have ever burned and the kicker? We caught 12 fish for those efforts. I went mid lake, then back North to the hardwoods and then ran all the way into the Salinas and just about everywhere in between. What a bummer. The fishing the past 3 days was on the upswing too. I am sure somebody got on em, but it wasn’t this guy. I am going to change things up a good bit tomorrow for these fellas. The wind looks grrrrrreat…..hope it stays that way.










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