Mike from Michigan!…..A shallow ring of fire…..Sierra doesn’t take any Bull!!

Mike from Michigan shot me an email the other day and he wanted to show me a Michigan Walrus he caught!  Check it out!








Here is a pic of Mike, Chris, and Paul from back in May…….they had a MONSTER 3 day trip that was topped off by Paul’s 10.64.





Hey Mike my May is wiiiiiiiiiide open 🙂  You fellas take care and come see me again soon.



I was able to get 4 of our best fish on Gopro from the other day…..I thought I only caught 3 of them on tape.  The Gopro battery situation should be improved, but I digress…..enjoy the video Falcon Fans!




I still have some November dates open…….if that shallow water slugfest video looks like fun drop me a line!




We had a school fundraiser the other night and Sierra decided to challenge the bull!!!  lol…..





Happy Halloween!








Scary stuff right there…..lol.

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