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Falcon Report

Mike and Step Dad, Terry are…….

By April 23, 2013No Comments



…..two cool cats. These two men epitomise the type of client that finds their way to my Ranger. I was curious as to how and why Mike chose me. It started with a google search and I really won’t get into more than that. I will share that he and I are a lot alike in regards to marrying above our draft stock……lol. We both also have a firm understanding of just how lucky we are as well.



I thought the fishing was pretty good today up to about 1 o’clock, then pretty good took a turn to nuclear. Our last two stops really made our day and made “the ones that got away” from earlier not sting quite as bad. We cranked till our arms fell off today and in typical crankbait fashion the heartbreaks followed as par for the course. With all that said we each had 7 lbers with Mike’s 7-12 being the biggest of the day. Some of the main lake stuff that I have been working hard of late was not fishable today….did I try? Yes I sure did, but I couldn’t hold em in the wind. The wind was nuts…..I have fished in stronger before, but the dang gusts today seemed like they were coming from every dag gone direction. The Autopilot on my Terrova does not like that…..not even a little bit like it either. The fishing here lately has been pretty dang good, especially if you can pitch and flip. It’s not easy pitching a trig between the bark and the sap out there. You have to be honest with yourself and your abilities. If pitching isn’t your thing you will not get bit in the jungle right now, accuracy, accuracy, accuracy and trust me I leave plenty of chicken left on the bone too……lol.