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Falcon Report

Mike and Mike’s last day…….Tony and I put in overtime.

By February 15, 2013February 17th, 2013No Comments

Took out Mike and Mike for round two and made an attempt to break the 9-7 mark from yesterday, but we didn’t come close.  We didn’t have one single big bite today.  The amazing part?  We fished nothing but big bite spots……gotta love the Falcon Rollercoaster.  I enjoyed my time with these two fine men regardless.  Mike and Mike are already planning a return trip in June…..looking forward to it.  Back to today’s fishing.  We caught fish on nearly every stop, mind you not a lot at any one stop.  I think our biggest might have been my fish I caught on a ssssslllllllow rolling 1 oz spinnerbait.  Nothing huge, maybe 4 and half pounds.  Most of our fish were cookie cutter 3 lber’s and some a bit smaller.  The Mikes had friends that came down with them and they went out with Tim Griffin. They got on some very nice fish today from what I heard.  Here are a couple of photos of their action!






Nice work men!!!!


Here is the last fish we caught today……we tried to use all of the trick photography we could to turn this thing into a 4 lber, but as you can see David Copperfield I am not.  lol.


IMG_2167[1]  Not quite the 9’s and 5’s from yesterday……lol.  Still a great time had by all.  See ya in a few months Mike and Mike!!


Well I stayed off the water today long enough to eat a couple of slices of pizza and was actually still eating the one slice as I backed Tony into the water.  Tony has been putting in a crazy amounts of time finding fish and let me tell you, he is on the motherload and I mean that.  If you like throwing spinnerbaits in guerrilla warfare timber and brush please get a hold of Tony.  He wanted to show me where he is hammering em and in 15 minutes we caught 3 fish.  Nooooooooooooooooobody is fishing this area, well besides Gary Kline.  Good find Gary.  You will not find the SS Sierra Marie in this area though.  Nothing against Tony’s find, it’s amazing.  There is no way I am taking my 22 ft lead sled back up into that disaster.  No freakin way.


Tony driving back to the launch after guiding AND showing me the motherload……..this guy is as dedicated as they come folks.  Good work Tony.




I am going to finish up tonight’s blog with a Heaven on Earth photo from tonight.  Goodness……sweet mother of pearl goodness.