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Mike and Mike in the Morning!

By February 14, 2013No Comments

mike and mike



NO, NO, NO……not that Mike and Mike.




This Mike and Mike.


This was a father son duo today and man did we have a great time out there. Hey Mom! I am not going to talk about the first 5 hours. (they were terrible) The Last 3 hours on the other hand were a whack fest that saw several nice fish come to the boat including a 25 inch 18 inch girth, 9 lb 7 oz monster for young Mike. He is going to get a replica done of this fish, but he has one more day with me tomorrow………I would love to have him AND his dad take that down. I missed the weight of this fish by nearly a pound. (11 oz) I thought that fish was a DD. Ohhhhhh well. My next big purchase will be a…..

It’s time to hang up the Berkleys.


Happy Valentines Day…..hope you told your loved ones that you love em. Time to dial 1-814-694……….

Somebody loves me around here.





On a side note my guiding friend Tony just straight up clobbered the fish today with his client… many you ask? 25 with a 7 lb kicker (pictured) in 5 hours. It’s tough to find a guide right now, if you want a local who works dang near every day to stay on fish let me know and I can get you his contact info. Nice work yet again Tony.