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Michelle and Geoff go out in style…..not one, but two PB’s

By June 5, 2013No Comments

This group switched it around a bit today again and boy did we have some fun. Michelle only had 4 or so hours to fish this morning before she had to hit the road, but it was long enough for her to catch the biggest bass of her life. Before you out there ask how big……I don’t know and no it wasn’t me this time that threw it back before taking care of the particulars….lol. We took pics and I said that I thought the fish was between six and a half and seven lbs. I went to grab my scales and I hear a sssssssplash. I look up and Michelle threw the fish back! Hahahahaha……I feel bad that I didn’t get an exact weight for her. She will have to come back again and catch another walrus. Only next time it will have to be “certified”. lol. Michelle is certainly no stranger to trophy fishing…..saltwater that is. Check out some of these pics.












Then there was my man Geoff (not Jeff…oops). He worked hard over the last 3 days with me and it paid off in a big time way today with a new PB of his own that went 9.05 lbs…..a certified USDA Walrus. We caught a lot of fish again and we caught em doing just about everything. Geoff’s big girl came on a DD chartreuse blue back Spro while Michelle’s Walrus was caught on the blade. Most of our fish were “fun” 2 to 3 lbers like the one pictured below with Geoff. There is some good news on the big fish front though… neighbor Steve nailed a near miss 9 and we caught a 9 and a 7 as well. We also caught very few of the “runts” today.



Thanks again for the opportunity…..what a great group.




I have some grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreat news in regards to my Iphone5… survived my latest Nestea plunge. My regular number 956-754-0626 is back up and running. Sorry for the inconvenience. Please check my schedule on this site. If you don’t see your dates showing as “booked” please email me. Things get a little backed up on me when this cell phone goes down. Amazing tool, but I am waaaaaay to reliant on it. I am back at it tomorrow with a return father son combo from earlier in the year…..Mike and Mike are BACK!!!!