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Falcon Report

Matt and A-rod, a new personal best, something special is going to happen

By December 9, 2013No Comments

Well, I took Matt and A-rod out for a Falcon Lake experience today.





No, No, No, not that A-rod!……this A-rod!





These men are from Minnesota and laughed at our so called cold temps…….


The fishing was as advertised and tough as nails. I didn’t pick up a rod today, as I DANG sure didn’t want to be the one to get that bite of a lifetime. We didn’t have a single bite on soft plastics. All of our bites/fish came on reaction strike baits. With all of these fronts that keep crashing down on us these fish have retreated to the nearest deep water from the flooded new growth. With that said I am not talking 20 ft ledges on the main lake. I am talking a drain or creek channel that may have a depth change of 2 ft to 8 ft depending on the drain or location of creek channel. None of our bites came on flats. All of our activity was in a drain/creek channel or within spitting distance. We had roughly 10 bites and we boated 4 fish with Matt’s new personal best being the biggest of the day. (6.77 lbs)





Folks….something special is going to happen here real soon. Look at that photo above. I have NEVER seen so many fish here on Falcon that are so fat and bursting at the seams. Sure one or two here and there, but man. Every fish we are catching is built like a brick @#$%house. It’s just a mater of time until somebody down here catches one that has the length to go along with this amazing girth that we are seeing. (no Romo)