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Falcon Report

Masterful Tom and a HOT crankbait…..

By October 23, 2012No Comments

I took Tom and Witt on a Falcon Lake guide trip today. The first 3 hours were brutally slow. We are talking 2 dinks worth of slow. I went right to my best area and once again it struggled to produce. This is three straight days of very subpar fishing in this area for me. Cindy I need ya!! I finally got out of there and hit an area that was loaded up. Big fish? no, but fish? yes. Our biggest today was my 6 and a half. Tom caught a 5.4 and a few other 4’s along with what seemed like a zillion 0.5-3 lb fish. Witt did catch a few good fish, but it was certainly Tom’s day in the sun. We caught 26 fish the last 5 hours of the day and Tom caught 18 of them. Yes 18. He had a BassPro deep diving crankbait that was just silly. The big fish of the day was caught on a 3/4 oz Ball n Chain with a full size Brush Hog on the back. Thanks for the opportunity men.


Total Fish: 28

Best 5: about 24 lbs

Kicker: my 6 and a half