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Man I love summer in South Texas.



To say I have been enjoying my summer would be the understatement of the century. Summer months mean family time and man do I cherish these moments. We had a terrific time at the coast last week and my new favorite restaurant?


The Meatball Cafe in South Padre Island……..good grief. What. An. Experience. Deeeeeeeee freaking licious. We also juuuuuust missed some game changing rain last week as well. The valley as we were driving through was under water.



The good news is that they should not be needing Falcon’s water now……well at least for a few days. You ask how’s the fishing? Well it continues to be a mixed bag for my boat. I go out some trips and feel that I can do no wrong…..the very next day I can’t buy a break or string consecutive productive areas. A lot of folks are reporting 60-100 fish days. Me? Most days I’m lucky to hit 30. I wish I could say I am targeting “the big bite”…..but hell that would be a bold faced lie. I’m out there trying to get bites, any freaking bites. That’s enough of beating myself up for now. Let’s focus on the positive because I’ve certainly had some trips here recently that were nothing short of epic. My man Guy came down and brought his friend Andrew with him. Let me tell you……Andrew had two days here on Falcon Lake that he will never ever forget.

Day 1: Welcome to the club




Day 2: Personal best doesn’t last 24 hours




And my man Guy?



Bless his heart………he tries hard.


I also got into the walrus parade……




The last two full moons (May and June) have produced monster spawns here on Falcon Lake. I have seen more fry the last two days than I have seen all year. Check out what the white bass are spitting up…..



That lil guy was part of May’s spawn…….at this water level the survival rate isn’t good. We simply just don’t have the cover in the water.


Looking forward to a busy rest of my summer…..both from a fishing standpoint and a vacation standpoint. Tis the season.




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