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Major success today…..

…..17 fish caught from 8:30 to 1:00. All under 4 lbs, but only one real dink. So why the major success? Let’s talk about it. I ran to a creek mid lake to try and get on a few fish in there and I zeroed…..yep. ZIP NADA….not even a bite. From there I hit a favorite off shore spot of mine and literally first cast with my 10xd I caught a fish. (it was that dink mentioned above) Now this fish, no joke, was about an inch bigger that the 10xd. I would of taken a dumbass SELFIE of it, but it flipped off as I was grabbing for it. It wanted to be famous and my goodness was that little snot a mean SOB. I threw that 10xd till my dang arm nearly fell off there and not another bite. I grabbed my crig and first cast with that I caught a fish…, then you guessed it. Nothing……Every single off shore spot produced at least one fish. The best spot though was the last one I fished and I wasn’t even going to fish it until my screen lit up like a dag gone Christmas tree. I threw the brakes on and did a U turn and proceeded to whack the tar out of em, but at that time we were starting to get POUNDED by a strong North wind that I knew was coming. Right now Chad and Joel (clients for Friday and Saturday) are like…..(click on GIF)




…lol. You see they have wanted to hit the jungle for three years now and EVERY time they have¬†come down I have them bobbing around in the middle of the lake chunking 6xds and/or crigs. Now before you start a pity party for these two men, realize that¬†they have had some incredible days with me…..just not inside of 20 feet. Notice you don’t see a lot of Shore in the background of the pics below.




Fear not my friends…..I didn’t hit any of the creeks I’m dialed in at. Don’t worry you can continue the Guns N Roses medley.



But bring down the crigs and 6xds just in case.


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