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Falcon Report

Madison Update and Bishop Gregory goes out in fine fashion today…….

By October 17, 2013No Comments

First off I would like to thank all those who emailed, texted, called, PMed, etc, etc in regards to Madison. Jaime and I ultimately got cold feet and decided against the surgery at this time. The MAIN reason was simple……there was not a consensus among the Doctors and specialist. Madison is healthy at the moment and hopefully she can continue to stay healthy or at least be healthy more than she is sick.




As I wrote earlier I had been helping Tommy out with a trip the past 3 days. Today was a special Falcon day on the water let there be no doubt about it. Bishop Gregory caught 25 fish today. Simply an amazing day. What makes it even more amazing is that yesterday we boated 1 fish. Yes…..1 singular fish. Why the difference?…….lol. I wish I had the magical answer, but truth is….I don’t. I can tell you this though, I am truly grateful for the day we had and that I can promise ya.