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Madison turns 7 and Jaime and I hit 12 years……

I am beat. Another very busy and fun weekend has come and gone. We hit San Antonio for two days and nearly went broke…..ok I am broke… Good grief a thousand bucks doesn’t go far in two days on the Riverwalk. Luckily we do that trip once a year as my bankroll can barely handle that. Alright I am done being Mr. Ba humbug…..we had a blast and I posted more than a few pics on Facebook so go check it out if you’re a Facebooker.





Before we left for San Antonio I did put the boat in Friday while the girlies swam at the dock. I fished where I could still see them and hit em with a cast… Did I catch any?


Yep, caught three in about 15 minutes all off this DT16 Char/blue back crankbait. I can’t get bit on plastics whether it’s on rocks or in the trees. Here is what I’m thinking. I am fishing up here on the North end and the water is chalky at best. I’m still throwing the watermelon shades…..watermelon in chalky water isn’t the best option. I keep forgetting to put the plum and green pumpkin in the boat. I will be on the water quite a bit this week and will keep you all posted…..I hear there is a heck of top water bite going on right now. (I’m serious)


Talk to you soon highstakesbassin fans




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