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Louisiana’s Finest and Sweet 16

Well the three day trip with Rusty and Ron has come and gone. Always look forward to their trips from the time I get the text that they’re coming to the time they’re in my boat. The fishing was as advertised. The first day and last day was a grind, but the middle day turned into a whackfest out of nowhere. The biggest problem over the 3 days wasn’t the number of bites necessarily, but the quality of the bite after the front was pretty poor all three days. We caught fish from 1 foot of water out to 18 foot and everywhere in between. Lures that caught fish were: Spinnerbait, squarebill, deep diving crank, small fluke and senko. The best depth? 10-15 foot. The best structure? rock/gravel. The best bait?senko followed by the crank. We took a pic each day of the type of fish that was being boated…..

img_1249.jpg img_1246.jpg



We always take a pic together after our trip and this time James from Falcon Lake Tackle did the honors. (and if ya ask me he did a damn good job)



That’s a hell of pair to draw to right there. Thanks, as always, for supporting my business fellas.


This week was also Sierra’s 16 birthday. Sierra is starting to hit those ages now that I still remember from my high school days. When I was her age I was rehabbing a blown out knee courtesy of a cut block in football. I was hell bent on playing baseball in the Spring whether I could run or not. I didn’t pitch that year as I didn’t have enough confidence in pushing off of the right knee. Spent most of the year DHing and limping around the bases. 10th grade was also the year Jaime seemingly appeared out of nowhere into my life and would later become my beautiful bride. I also wrecked about 71 cars. I was that punk, dumbass kid that didn’t respect a vehicle from ages 16 to 19. By the grace of God my friends and I all survived that time period. I can’t say the same for all of our cars however. Holy detour down memory lane…… are a few pics from BiggiE’s birthday.

img_1255.jpg img_1263.jpg


….and here are her friends.



I Know I have mentioned this many times over, but I’ll mention it again. My girlies have the best friends that any parent could possibly hope and pray for.


See ya on the water Fam!



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