Looking forward to a frrrrrresh start to the week.

Strange, goofy week on the water.  Just when I thought I had it figured out and pinned down, we catch 6 fish today with nothing bigger than three in a half pounds.  Crazy stuff.  We stayed shallow today and did the flipping gig.  We started out hot with 3 fish in the first 30 minutes and we ended hot with 3 fish in the last 30 minutes.  The 7 hours in between?  A whoooooooooooooole lot of NUTTIN.  I have no clue how many bites we had yesterday….A LOT. lol.  Today?  Maybe 10.  My Falcon Rollercoaster continues.  There is some good news on Falcon.  Every single day somebody is catching some dang nice fish.  Could I say that a Month ago?  No.  I need to start being that “somebody” on a more consistent basis soon.






New Cell phone was restored with contact info and calendar, etc.  I should be good to go.

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