Bad move…..right now if the wind allows you to launch on the North end do it. I am pleased to say that my Northern spots are finally coming alive. What bothers me though is my BEST spot down South has zeroed me two straight days. Have I abused that area while my Northern spots were off? Yep. This spot has two ditches and a main creek channel that feed it…..I thought it was bullet proof to be honest. I am going to go with what worked Monday. Launching North and running every square inch of the lake hitting roughly 20 spots will be on the docket. Like I mentioned I launched South and went as far North as Tigers today. We caught 8 fish. Maybe a 5 lber or two. I had a giant on at the end of the day that broke my line and come to find out im missing my insert in the tip of my Kistler and I believe that is why my line broke. Big time bummer…..I caught 1 measly fish, but if I get that last one in it would have been a banner day….lol. Rex and Bo were just as fun to fish with today as they were yesterday on their career day. You would have never known that they didn’t have a banner day today. Great attitude through one heck of a grind. Our final day is tomorrow and the score is Bo and Rex 1, Falcon Lake 1……it’s tied up and we are going hard after it tomorrow for the win.




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