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Falcon Report

Last trip for June goes out with a bang!

By June 26, 2012No Comments

Took Ed and Jerry out for a Falcon Lake guide trip today. Once again the fish were a step ahead of me to start. It didn’t last long though. With two fish in the boat (1lb dinks) we made a run to a creek in the middle of the lake and yeah it was on like 1986 Donkey Kong. We were catching a ton of fish, but most in the .5 to 4 lb range. That changed when I boated a monster. I was more than ticked off that she bit me instead of them and quickly removed the hook and got her back in the water. (she was an easy 9). My clients got into the big fish act shortly there after. With three 8 lbers between the two of them. I caught one more nice fish that went 8-3 to round out a nice 40 + pound sack. Great way to end the month. If you are thinking about heading down give me a ring at 956-754-0626 or email me at July will be a great month to get after em and I still have some great dates available.

Total fish: 53
Best 5: 42 and change
Kicker: 8-14 (not gonna count mine here)