Last day with the folks and Mom goes out in style!

What a fun day with the parents. Mom hasn’t fished in over a year so it was great to get her out there finally. We launched on the North end of the lake and ran the whole lake and then some. I knew it was gonna be hot and wanted to keep the air conditioning running for them……lol. We didn’t have the action today that we had been getting, but still caught quite a few fish. The theme again today was small…..2 to 4 lbers. Mom fought and lost 17 rock fish and 9 tree fish before landing this nice 6 lb bass below.

popcorn ready



Roll the tape!


popcorn gif



Thanks for reading and watching Highstakesbassin fans!……..



BassChamps predictions for tomorrow:


1st Place: 21.32 lbs

Check line: 15 lbs

Big bass: 9.71 lbs


I think a lot of people are going to do well tomorrow and it will be a fun day of catching fish for most. You haven’t been able to say that in some time.




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