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Las Vegas…… style.

You can sum it up in one word….gambling. Most of you know I love a game of chance and Vegas has always been my home away from home for the last 16 years of my life. What a wild ride this trip was … My first two days were about surviving. Then? Lady Luck and her friend Veronica Variance got friendly with me…..we talking REALLY friendly, like XXX friendly.





Yeah my last two days were full on bedlam……







Got fully comped at Caesars and Mandalay Bay and ate like a King on their dime as well.


That is a pick of the view from my Mandalay Bay room.



Here is the view from my Caesars room.






……and I drank more tequila than a man should drink in a 4 day stretch.





I am back home and I am booked up ready to roll for tomorrow. Got Joe on the books. I cancelled on Joe back in February because that last week in February was awful and I wanted him to save his money. Right now I’m dialed in pretty good even with the lake on the rise. That is of course if you can get on the water between the storms. Trust me I am not complaining about our water situation and how we are getting it. I did see, while I was out in Vegas, that Houston got hit with some tragic Flash floods. My thoughts and prayers to those families that have had their homes, valuables, and worse, their loved ones taken from them. Hopefully this rain pattern can shift out to the West as they’re still in dire need of the water. Time will tell.


See ya’ll Manana!




IMG_5331[1] IMG_5325[1]


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