Laptop down….joel and chad day 2

Well I go through laptops like most go through toilet paper. My reports are gonna be…..I guess boring, at least till I get back up and running. Today was a pretty dang good day for us. Especially if you take out the 3 hours between 8 and 11. We started out on fire and then not a single bite for three hours. Then all heck broke loose….not one, not two, but three big ole girlies had their way with my men. We only had about a 16 lb bag, but certainly had our shots at glory. Joel and Chad will have their walrus revenge soon enough. I have another trip on the books tomorrow. It will be a show and tell trip…..with a lot of showing and telling. These guys just moved to south Texas and want an introduction to Falcon Lake. I will be in their ride so the ole z522 will remain in the stable for this one.


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