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Falcon Report

Lake Navigation

By July 11, 2012No Comments

Stay in a Creek channel.  It does not matter whether we are talking main lake Rio or Salado or Tiger or your favorite creek or ditch.  There are some hardwoods that are coming into play that are on the edges of all the major creeks right now including the main river channel.  I went out with a friend today who hit a hardwood tree just off the main channel.  The end result?  A missing ear on his prop.  The prop lasted until our final run to the boat ramp and then it looked like a Mike Tyson/Evander Holyfield fight…..ears optional.  Please be careful out there….if you get turned around and are confused as to whether you are in the channel, shut it down.  Figure out where you are and proceed.

What about the fishing you ask?  Well for me Falcon is fishing dang tough at the moment, mind you I have been mapping lately more than fishing.  With that said when I do wet the line I have to watch paint dry in order to get bit, at least out deep.  I am working 5 out of the next 7 days…..I hope all of the homework I have been putting in pays off.  We will see tomorrow morning at 6:45 when we pull up to our first spot.