Lady’s and gents we have a new Highstakesbassin record holder…..

…..A big congrats goes out to young Mr. Garrett.




This beast gave Garrett a fight he soon will not forget…..and heck neither will I. We all thought initially, of course, that we were about to witness a Billy Bad Bass. Instead we witnessed a Jolly Green Gar and did I mention the fight? Wow….I still can’t believe he got this thing to the boat and no we did not get the crankbait back.



Garrett also caught a nice catfish as well….ok, ok, ok. Let’s talk about the largemouth bass species shall we? We got on the water around 10:30ish and we fished to the dam and back again. Most of our nicer fish (3+lbs) came on the crank, but not one single fish was caught inside the mouth. Every single fish that was caught on the crankbait today was hooked on the outside of the gill plate. These fish didn’t want to eat the crank not one little bit, but we had several hit the heck out of it with the side of their face with a closed mouth. Most of the fish didn’t get hooked, but we had more than a few that did. (got snagged on the outside of the mouth) A strange crankbait bite to say the least. These fellas had never used a crig before, but after today I have a strong hunch that they will be adding it to their arsenal up on their home lakes in Oklahoma. Garrett’s first three casts with a crig produced three fish and he continued to catch em on the rig throughout the afternoon. The trig did some work as well……the plastics of choice were the plum Powerworm (I know shocker) and regular fluke in the water melon candy red color. The biggest weighed fish went 6.70 caught by Reggie on the citrus shad 6xd. I also caught a fish in the 6 to 7 lb range on a Rapala DT16……we added a 5 lber to the stringer too and the rest of our fish were in that 1 to 3 lb range. Had a great time with this father/son duo and we are back at it again tomorrow. Looking forward to getting these fellas on some big bites.









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