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Falcon Report

Kevin van dam at amistad and a 54 ft roadbed loaded

By November 3, 2012November 5th, 2012No Comments

Well half joking about kvd. He did donate a hydro-wave though… Lol. See first pic. Had a great time the last two days here at Amistad. The API folks put on one heck of a good tourny. After day 1 we were in 6th place. I had two fish on that would of put us in first by 5 lbs. very much tough to swallow. Then there was today. We had been fishing an old bridge/creek bed in 54 ft of water. You could see close to 20 ft down… I hung a whale first thing that would of pushed 9 lbs easy. Pretty bad when you reel the fish up 34 ft and you still have 20 to go…. Ugh. Jeremy caught big fish of day 2 that went 6.52 and another close to 6. With all that we ended up in third. Heading home to falcon tomorrow and back to work Monday. My clients sound like they’re really awesome.(typical…. Lol)They called me today and sound really pumped up. Looking forward to putting them on some good fish. Tommy law has been crushing them while I’ve been here. He’s kicking me while I’m down…. With a 10 lb’er today to boot. Well done Mr. Law. A friend of my partners boated a 10 lb’er during practice on Friday.***OOPS, I meant Thursday*** Congrats Paul Hulin! See pic.