Just got three phone calls in 10 minutes from…….

…..folks that are scratching their heads and wanting a trip or three. (I’m booked) Between 4 boats 3 fish were boated. I told each one that even if I wasn’t booked that I could not guarantee better results. I talked to two guides today that didn’t so much as get a bite either. I threw a 10xd for about 45 minutes around the dock after breaking in my SHO and didn’t get a sniff. Oh, the boat ran flawlessly by the way. Relief? Yes you could certainly say that. I could be wrong, but I feel this lake is going to get good and soon if this weather pattern sticks around for any length of time. I saw 64 degree water temps in one area today, but most were in the 60 to 62 degree range. I have the Jim’s for the next 6 days and they are HARDENED Falcon vets and have seen it all at one point or another. They saw a terrible bite last year, but still managed a DD and an 8 lber. I’ll take that again this year for these men.




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