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Just got off the phone with Chris! The weekend is booked up.

The last time Chris was here he had the best day of fishing he’s ever had. (end of August) Here’s the link to the write-up.


…..and below are the kind words from Chris after his experience. Been looking forward to his return.


Man that was the best fishing trip of my life and Ive been fishing since I was old enough to cast a practice plug in the back yard, Jay …. you are the man! Thanks for an awesome fishing trip, I’ll be back for more of that action again as soon as my schedule will allow it. I wish it was tomorrow! I cant wait to be back on Falcon! and as for the guide service well i will give that a 6 out of 5 stars if thats possible! you were awesome Jay! you definetly know where the monsters were hiding

Chris asked me how the fishing has been and I shot him dead between the eyes and told him that it isn’t close to what he saw on his last trip, but numbers were way up, but quality is getting tougher and tougher to come by recently. The good news is that the weather is gong to be off the charts good and I will be able to launch here in town and run 15-20 spots a day. That right there increases our odds exponentially. Here is a look at June and July again. I have a few days left before vacation that are available and the long term forecast looks straight up amazing.
June 29th and 30th (Monday and Tuesday) are still available to be had. I’ll be talking to ya here in a couple of days Falcon Lake fans.




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