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Just a straight up fun afternoon…..

Looks like this latest cold front did the bite a lot of good and I am glad to see it. I had Cody and David today for quick afternoon trip. We fished for about 4 hours and caught the heck out of em. Now most of these fish were…..well how should I put this……size challenged. lol, but hey after my last few trips I am not complaining and we did catch a few good fish as well. Drop shots caught a zillion fish today, but not one over 3 pounds. The 2-4 pound fish loved the 6xd and we caught a few nice Zoom Mag Fluke fish as well. Looks like I will be off to Sugar again next week with Mr. Law and we will be taking my ride this time. The weather is going to be great……Tommy and I love fishing together, but certainly would enjoy taking you out next week instead or better yet get a group of 4 together and we can all head over to Sugar. A fun time would be had by all and that’s a guarantee. If you like catching a ton of fish with a 7 lber or two mixed in Falcon isn’t a bad option either. Give us ring.



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