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June came in with Falcon, but left as sweet as could be.

I spent most of June on Falcon Lake and to say it was a struggle most days would the understatement of the century. Listen I have spots and locations where you can blast fish…….problem? Yeah there’s a big problem……folks aren’t flying in from all over the country to catch 1 lb Falcon Lake bass. With all that gloom and doom said, did we have moments of glory this month on Falcon?

img_2567.jpg img_2566.jpg

img_2565.jpg img_2595.jpg

img_2666.jpg img_2664.jpg

img_2648.jpg img_2647.jpg



As you can see we certainly had our moments, but every single walrus was well earned and free passes were not given.


The last four days were spent at Sugar Lake Mexico with Tom. This was the first Sugar trip that I have ever had where I worried about whether or not it was going to be a good trip. The month of May was just not that good on Sugar and that’s after a MONSTER April. The biggest reason? Loss of water and a lot of it during a short period of time. The fish went into survival mode for the most part in my opinion. They put the plug in May 24th and have actually picked up a foot or so of water……the result?

img_2724.jpg img_2701.jpg

img_2722.jpg img_2712.jpg

img_2708.jpg img_2709.jpg

img_2689.jpg img_2706.jpg

img_2690.jpg img_2683.jpg




The result as you can see was epic. We had three 9’s, a 42 lb and a 39 lb bag. The only day that the quality wasn’t off the charts was Sunday. For whatever reason Sunday was a 1-3 lb dink fest……but we caught a bazillion, so it was still a pretty dag gone fun day to say the least. My Dad’s trip in May was a major player in the success of Tom’s trip. Dad and I did a lot of scanning and a lot of looking……those areas came up in a big way and will continue to come up big if we can hold the water. July is coming fast and it will be a busy one…….I still have a day or three available if a walrus hunt sounds like a good time. See ya then.





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