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Johnny and Rick the stick……Don’s Walrus Bucks

Well after 3 very good trips out on Falcon a stinker showed up today. Let me leaf through my Excuses Rolodex.



I know what you smart asses out there are thinking…..”no need to go past “B” for bullshit”. There is some truth to that unfortunately, but I will scroll to the “W” and pull the wind card out. I launched down South and got pinned in Salinias and once that North wind got up there was no moving around. All of my Salinias hammer holes have been replaced by DINK holes. I swear and I am dead serious, I could catch 100 fish on a weightless senko right now in the Salinias and when you added all of those fish up they wouldn’t weigh 21 lbs. (do that math quick)



Johnny and Rick will be back at it over the next two days in their own boat. Johnny broke off a big ole girlie on a c-rig today and IF I was a betting man…….

black jack

……those men will be making every effort to get their lizard back from that fish over the next two days.



Remember Don from yesterday? I forgot to mention that he is on the short list of who’s who in the HIGH STAKES BASSINBUCK business. Talk about an interesting guy and somebody that I sure hope my Dad gets to talk to in the not so distant future. Check out some of Don’s WORLD class deer on his ranch. Simply amazing.


Dons big buck 2 Dons big buck 1 Dons big buck 3


Back at it tomorrow.



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