Joe and nick deserved better than a two fish day

I left some fish out there today. My decision making was terrible. My first stop was choked with nets. We should of left immediately, but I thought we could work around the nets. We finally left and went to another area. We get there to see who knows how many boats…….PACKED. We left and hit another area that I haven’t seen a boat in who knows how long. Today? 4 and one of which was another guide. Ugh. To make things worse, while driving 55mph down the lake, I had a bug go into my ear and is currently crawling around inside my skull. I’m typing this report from inside the 24 hr clinic here in Zapata. Dedication…..I do have a great pic of Mr. Steve with a good one from today! The only thing better would of been if Susan had caught it…..get em next time Susan!!!



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