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Falcon Report

Jerry, Mike, and Falcon Lake

By March 28, 2014No Comments

These two men have been coming down to fish Falcon Lake for many years and have had trips, like many of us, that are what legends are made of. Their last two trips down have been anything, but legendary. They came down a couple years ago with a different guide and struggled mightily and now with me. Through the hours upon hours of tough fishing we still managed some dang nice fish which included the two 8 pounders below from today. (8.32 and 8.89)








I hope to see these two men again in July…….as in an El Salto trip with my pops. I thought I was going to be heading to Brazil this year, but my busy season got crushed with blown up boats and just awful weather. The funds aren’t there this year, but El Salto is number 2 on my bucket list and it is within my price range. I have the weekend off and I just may stay off the water and let the weekend crowd have ole Falcon to themselves. I have another busy stretch up ahead.