Jason has a big day

Jason has a personal best of 9 lbs. We didn’t beat that today, but boy did we give it a heck of scare.





That fish went 8.73 pounds. The story behind this fish is pretty funny. I chucked my spinnerbait out there and BAM! Big girl……I let out a lil girlish squeal aaaaaand she comes unglued. @#$%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. (I had already broken off one giant about an hour before this) I tell Jason to throw where I lost her and……..the pic above happened. Now I have a hard time believing it was the same fish cause I had that big girl on and fighting her. I will be the first to admit it was a one sided fight, but still would she hit again 5 seconds after kicking my @ss? Who knows, but ole Jason hooked this walrus and he did a fantastic job horsing her in with that big 65 pound braid. Jason’s previous best 5 stringer before today was 18 pounds. He destroyed that today with a 27 lb bag all on his own. Here is his 6.53 pounder and 5 pounder as well.






We had roughly 25ish bites today while boating 15 fish. (13 were Jason’s…..I came in with 2…lol)


Ok Mom…..stop reading now.



Now I could stop the post there and make you think that we whacked em and it all came easy. Well…….by now most of you know I operate. You are gonna get the straight @#$% here.


Check out the pic below.



You ask why in the heck I took a pic of that dang dink!?!?!? I’ll tell you. It was our first bite/fish of the day and it was 11 o’clock. Yeah it took 4 hours. I am stubborn at times when it comes to fishing offshore. It’s my passion and was the ONLY thing I did on this lake for years. This morning I had 4 Hammer Head Jigs tied on. One on the deck and 3 more in the rod locker ready to freaking go. Jason was great and I really think he would of stayed the course with me for better or for worse, but I finally relented and headed to the bank and we (Jason) just tore em up. I have Jason for one more day tomorrow and then?




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