It’s my turn…….

….to struggle I see.  What a good dag gone run I had.  Man this ticks me off.  The last two days I have covered dang near every spot to my name with very limited results.  I can go in and do the spinnerbait gig and probably catch 20 fish.  The problem for me is quality on that bite.  For me it’s just straight up not there, now for others it is.  Our fish today were 3 lbs and under.  Half our fish came deep on the rig and the other on spinners here there and everywhere.  I don’t care who you are Falcon will kick you in the butt from time to time and laugh while doing it.  The fellas I have right now are GRADE A return clients that are already planning a summer trip with me.  See what I mean about great clients?  These fellas are having a terrible trip in regards to fishing, but are already lining up a few days for the summer.  It’s not always the fishing that brings people back to Falcon, but it sure doesn’t hurt. lol.  I am very much looking forward to ending with a bang tomorrow…….I can’t tell you how badly I want Rex to catch a big one.


Oh and check out our only picture fish…..






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