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It’s been a good long while since…….

I’ve had to worry about getting skunked on Falcon Lake. The North wind was strong early as expected and I had a solid game plan and really moved in around State Park and Government Cove without much difficulty staying protected. Problem? We could not get bit……10:15 rolled around and we were looking at a zero bite and zero fish day.


The wind was still strong enough to where running main lake was just not a smart play. We finally got on a few fish around 10:30 and ended the day with about 12 bites and 7 fish. Nothing bigger than 3 lbs…….fish were caught on plum Powerbait worms and 6xd cranks. We are going to launch down South one more day to see if we can put something together down there. We will be able to run anywhere we want the rest of the week if the forecast holds true.






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