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It’s always tough to follow up a 40 lb bag…..Schedule update

By October 26, 2013No Comments

…..and today was certainly no exception.  Yesterday we probably had in the neighborhood of 11 to 13 big bites in which we boated 5.  Today we had one big bite and Danny got beat convincingly. Now we did catch a ton of fish, but 2 to 4 pounders were the ones that were hungry today.  I was pinned into one spot and was not able to move around at all.  I made the decision to run the Bullet and it was a poor one.  Wind gusts were much stronger than what I had anticipated today.  We had to stay hidden from the wind and that limited us in a big way…..we called it quits around noon as Danny had to head home to San Antonio and change into Nacho Libre. (Halloween Party)  Had a Grrrreat time Danny, as always.




Schedule update time…..My next available date after tomorrow is November 13th.  October is completely booked up as of 9 o’clock tonight.  I don’t have many November dates either, drop me a line if any interest you.  Thanks Falcon fans.