It’s a four round fight……

David, Todd, and Paul signed up for a 4 round fight with Falcon. Today we straight up got kicked in the……




for 6.5 hours. These men today were tough as nails and never, not one time ever thought of tapping out……then? They got off the mat and started landing haymakers that included a new personal best for Paul tipping the scales at 7lbs 4oz. We headed deep shortly after that fish and we continued to pound em, up to 5 and half pounds. We had one on in the 7 lb range that didn’t make it all the way to the boat. Remember the walrus a couple of days back that held the worm through half the fight and never had a hook in her? It happened again today….she hit him and ran towards the boat and Todd never was able to catch up with her to give it a good hookset. Todd was reeling her in and said it wasn’t big. Then she came out of the water. Yes, she was big and again the hook never went through the plastic. Bummer part II. My goal tomorrow is to get these guys on fish a little sooner than 1:30. We are stopping at the Steak House for breakfast in the morning….should get us off to a quicker start.


Today will go down as a Draw……3 rounds are left.











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