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It’s 5 am and I got next to no sleep……

…..must be the night before a Sugar trip? You bet it was. My Sugar addiction is getting serious. I had two jobs fall through on me. One was for Tomorrow and Thursday….guy was from the San Antonio area and couldn’t find a partner. The other job was from Oklahoma and it would of been a Thursday through Saturday gig. This guys partner’s wife got wind of the plan and said he couldn’t go to Mexico…..ugh. They wanted me to talk to her and I respectfully declined. I need the jobs, but I am not going to try and convince a significant other to let you go. I feel bad for those two, but that’s a line I just can’t cross. Sooooooooooo with the boat gassed up and equipment ready I am still going to go. This will be a “Work” trip…… I love my job. James is going with me on the walrus hunt. I can’t guarantee a 10 lber, but I can guarantee ya that we will whack the fish and have a GRADE A time doing it. Sugar is fishing some kind of special right now and if you want a piece of the action in the not so distant future here is an updated look at October. November and December are wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiide open.



My October 10th trip will be on Falcon. Kevin will have a great day. I’m very much looking forward to putting him in the jungle and face to face with an angry Wendy Walrus. It’s a great time to be on the border with a rod in your hand.




If you need to reach me send an email. Service has been very hit or miss and mostly miss over there of late.


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