It sure was nice……

… catch some dag gone fish today. Did we catch a 100? 40 lb bag? or DD? Um eh, no and no and no. Most of the fish were in that 1-3 lb class. Jim Jr. caught the biggest fish that might of hit four and half pounds. We caught fish on a variety of baits, but the texas rigged 5 inch Yum senko was the top performer. Other lures that put fish in the boat were a Norman Deep Lil N in Rootbeer, Spro Fat Papa in a citrus color and of course the spinnerbait. Looks like we have some wind to contend with tomorrow, but after that it looks like we will be in the clear for the foreseeable future. I forgot to mention that we saw a Mexican net get pulled yesterday in front of us and it had 9 bass in it that we were able to identify and count. All the bass were once again in that 1-3 lb class. What amazed us yesterday is that we didn’t get a single bite around that net. I have never seen so many bass in one of those gil nets. The white bass population is exploding down here right now. The Mexican nets are littered with them……I am surprised we aren’t catching them on nearly every cast.









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