Is Falcon back?………

……Over the last several months Falcon has been a wild rollercoaster. One or two days of good fishing followed by many, many, sub par days. (by Falcon standards of course) Today was a silly good day. We had nearly a 43 lb bag with a 9-7 kicker followed by an 8-14, my two 8’s and a 7-13. We caught at least 4 other 7 lbers as well. I told you it was silly. Good news is….I didn’t catch the top two fish. JD won’t soon forget the day he had today. Incredible. Most of our fish came off the 6xd citrus shad color crank yet again. It’s blistering hot. One of my 8 lber’s did come off a……….wait for it……….drum roll……….ugh, a drop shot, yes a drop shot with a Strike King W/R caffeine shad on the hook. That is a PB for me in the drop shot category. I was trying to pass time while they hammered the sweet spot and I flipped that thing in about 30 FOW and blam. I thought the thing was gonna go 13 lbs easy……dang spinning gear. LOL. We caught a few big girls that were calico. Really neet to see them starting to get those black spots on them again. (see pics) The great part about this stretch is that the fish are coming from everywhere. What a relief to not have to rely on just 1 or 2 spots. The only thing that concerns me about today is that the bite stopped at 1 o’clock. That scares me a bit. Was it location?, technique?, timing?…don’t know, but I do know we caught just 1 fish the last 2 hours. Is Falcon back?…….I don’t think she ever left, but rather playing hard to get instead. I have these two fine gentlemen again tomorrow. Can’t wait.









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