IPhone 5 is up and it’s running……

Laredo is not very far at all, but man It feels like I left 3 days ago and just returned.  I am beat.  My phone number is operational now.  If you text me without including your name I will have nooooooooo idea who you are.  I also didn’t receive texts or calls the past 24 plus hours.  I hope my Icloud/computer will restore some order to this new phone, but that hasn’t happened yet.  Bare with me folks.  Jumping into the water yesterday has caused quite the back lash here….an expensive one at that.


I am not going to talk much about the fishing…….were we on fish? yes and some dang nice ones for all, but a 45 minutes stretch down South.  Bad news is that we had the worst day I have ever seen landing fish, both off shore and shallow.  Heck, I was the main culprit.  ridiculously bad luck in the landing department.  Tomorrow is another day.


I am going to bed…..wild couple of days.













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